Curricula Vitae

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2015, Western Carolina University
Master of Arts: Rhetoric and Composition
Technical and Professional Writing Postgraduate Certificate (15 hours)

1986, University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Arts
Communication Arts

Asheville-Buncombe Technical College Continuing Education
German, Beginning 1 (2019), Spanish, Beginning 1 (2019), Spanish,
Beginning 2 (2019), Spanish, Beginning 3 (2020), Spanish, Intermediate 1
(2021), Spanish, Intermediate 2 (2021)

Academic Experience

Editorial Assistant, Research in Learning Assistance and Developmental Education (RiLADE)–official publication of the Council of Learning Assistance and Development Education Associations, Boone, NC (2022 to present).

Associate of Research, National Center for Developmental Education, Boone, NC (2020-2021)

Academic Developmental and Growth Professional, A-B Tech Community College
, Asheville, NC

Adjunct Instructor
(2014 to present)
Developmental, Integrated Reading and Writing II (097) and III (098)
ACA 122 Transfer Success
English 111, Writing and Inquiry
(2020-present)–Synchronous, Asynchronous, Hybrid, HyFlex
English 112, Writing/Research in the Discipline (2016-present)–Synchronous, Asynchronous, Hybrid, HyFlex
English 114, Professional Research and Reporting (2020-present)
English 111A, Writing and Inquiry Lab (2020)
Writing and Reading Tutor, English Studies (2018-present–A-B Tech and Independent)

Academic Research, Articles, and Conferences
Payton, Michelle A. “Hybrid Flexible Attendance (HyFlex) and Community College Student Success.”  NCCC Journal of Teaching Innovation. vol. 2, no. 1, Spring 2023, Spring 2023, pp. 19-26.
Payton, Michelle A. “Online Learning for Non-Traditional Students.” (White Paper). National Center for Developmental Education. 2021.
Payton, Michelle A. “Online Learning for Non-Traditional Students.” Developmental Education Virtual Mini Conference, McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL. 2021.
Payton, Michelle A. What Excellent Community Colleges Do: Preparing All Students for Success.” (Book Review). Journal of Developmental Education, vol. 44, no. 1, Fall 2020, p. 25.
Payton, Michelle A. “Teachin’ It!: Breakdown Moves that Break Down Barriers for Community College Students” (Book Review). Journal of Developmental Education, vol. 43, no. 2, Winter 2020, p. 29.
Payton, Michelle A. “Post-Recession Community College Reform: A Decade of Experimentation” (Book Review). Journal of Developmental Education, vol. 43, no. 1, Fall 2019, p. 31.
Payton, Michelle A. “The Organization of Knowledge: Caught Between Global Structures and Local Meaning” (Book Review). ROLE / OLOR.
Payton, Michelle A. “From Information Literacy to Social Epistemology: Insights from Psychology” (Book Review). ROLE / OLOR.
Payton, Michelle A. “Making Hybrids Work: An Institutional Framework for Blending Online and Face-to-Face Instruction in Higher Education” (Book Review). ROLE / OLOR. 

Select Academic Accomplishments
-Up to 100% retention for HyFlex and online courses (one day after census).
-Overall C or better for multiple hundreds of students, as measured spring 2022 thru fall 2023, average 85% to 95% per semester.
-HyFlex early adopter–pilot instructor/researcher, designed and conducted breakthrough research.
-Synchronous early adopter–one of the first instructors during COVID to offer synchronous courses.
– Dedicated academic researcher, published writer, and conference presenter.
-Formulated and completed 4 year plan to develop skills to teach face-to-face, synchronous/asynchronous, hybrid, HyFlex and online.
-Developed scaffolding processes for online, hybrid, face-to-face, and HyFlex courses.
-Motivated academic learner as book reviewer, researcher, and writer.
-Customized teaching tools–created instructional videos, YouTube channel, Zoom workshops, and course design to advance students with various learning styles and abilities.   
-Educated in English, French (proficient), and Spanish (beginning) to apply to best practices.
-Educated in Pathways as ACA-122 for transfer students’ instructor.
-Trained in variety of student services–SAFE ZONE, EarlyAlert, Title IX… 
-Committed to best practices–multiple hundreds of hours of professional development.
-Collaborated with Colleagues—created videos and demos, researched/presented within and across departments that included remote Writing Center demos, research collaborations with the library, and HyFlex pilot committee.  


Other Professional Experience

Wholistic Developmental and Growth Professional, The Left Side (1997-current)
Individual and Group Facilitation
, The Left Side, Asheville, NC (2005-current)
Facilitator. Coach students and clients (16-70 years old) in individual and group settings using mind over matter techniques—Positive Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, plus–to re-associate with experiences that increase confidence and willpower to replace patterns for the better.

Wholesale Collaborations, The Left Side, Independent Brands, Asheville, NC (1997-2016)
Founder. Contracted manufacturing of new products, consulted on optimizing market-ready products and services, advertised and promoted, analyzed market conditions.  Created and managed profit and loss, pricing, marketing budget, trade shows, sales promotions, co-packing and packaging, sales manager and sales representatives, warehouse and personnel, brands and connected artists.

Community Collaborations, The Left Side, Asheville, NC (2010-current)
Founder. Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals(tm) (AAWIP): 0-1000+ members in nine years, structured and lead monthly meetings, created structure for member business promotions (AAWIP After Hours) and monthly presentations, created and manage social media sites, meet with numerous members monthly to understand needs in the community. Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair (AWIF): initiated then formed committee to co-create yearly event, booth space sold out every year, and partnered with over 70 local professionals, secured sponsors, advertising and location, attracted over 400 consumers, created and managed all finances and budgets, donated $5,200 of proceeds over three years to local non-profits, worked effectively with a variety of professionals to co-create a successful event.

Marketing and Communication Professional (1985-1998)
Elmer’s Products
, Arts and Crafts Brands, Columbus, OH (1996-1998)
Product Manager, Arts and Crafts Division. Managed marketing, planning, new product development, advertising, promotion and analysis of the arts and crafts category. Created and managed profit and loss, pricing, $5 million marketing budget.  Introduced four new Acid Free items, collaboratively partnered with sales force resulting in establishing key accounts within six months of introduction which included: K-mart, Target, Wal*Mart, Key drug store chains, JoAnn Etc., and Michaels. Headed Craft Task Force resulting in a new products five-year development and release schedule.

Hillshire Farm & Kahn’s, Sara Lee Brands, Cincinnati, OH (1995-1996)
Product Manager, Dinner Segment (Ham, Turkey, Roasts) and Service Deli. Managed marketing, planning, development, advertising, promotion and analysis of a $90 million brand business. Managed profit and loss, pricing, and $7 million marketing budget.  Introduced 4 new items into grocery increasing distribution in select markets up to 40% within four months of introduction. Created mail order business for retail ham with anticipated earnings of $2.5 million in year one and breaking even in first year. Revamped service deli program creating distribution programs that gained 40% penetration in select markets, plus in-store programs generating $1.1 million in first half of fiscal year.

The Iams Company, Dog and Cat Food Brands, Dayton, OH (1994-1995)
Eukanuba Dog Brand Manager. Managed marketing, planning, development, advertising, promotion, and analysis activities of a $100 million brand. Oversaw an $8 million budget. Doubled 1995 growth rate from 6% Plan to 12% Actual with no additional spending including: strategically placing television in markets to stimulate 10% growth versus no media; co-creating plant efficiencies for promotional programs resulting in 3 times less packaging waste;  Saved  $250,000 and reallocated to fund an unplanned 1995 National Promotion.

Van Melle, USA, Confectionery Brands, Erlanger, KY (1989-1994)
Brand Manager, Airheads and New Kids Candy (1993-1994). Managed marketing, planning, development, advertising, promotion, and analysis activities of developing brands, and variety of new product projects.  Managed a $1 million budget and a variety of new product introduction budgets. Developed test market to evaluate Airheads Check-stand Pack and Low Price-point Singles performance. Gained new distribution in grocery and mass merchandisers with the Check-stand Pack reaching original plan in 50% of allocated time.

Brand Manager, Mentos; Mint and Hard Roll Candy Category (1991-1993). Managed marketing, planning, advertising, promotion and analysis activities of a $30 million brand.  Managed $8.2 million in investment spending. Increased consumer pull by 25% in test market by executing new “Freshmaker” strategy which included 5 original television commercials. Launched Mentos test strategy nationally resulting in gross sales doubling between 1991 and 1994 from $20 million to $40 million. Increased profit of single roll items up to 50%.

Brand Assistant, Mentos, Airheads, Fruit-tella, New Products (1989-1991). Managed packaging, creation of P.O.P., sales materials, research, and analysis.

Mosler, Inc., Electronic and Physical Security, Hamilton, OH (1986-1989)
Public Relations Assistant, Writer, Associate Editor of nationally circulated company magazine and newsletter.  Performed variety of public relations activities.  Formulated public relations measurement systems.  Managed sales tracking and fulfillment program.

Pereira & Schwartz, Inc.
, Advertising Agency, Covington, KY (1985-1986)
Senior Account Executive and Creative
entered as an intern and quickly moved into account management. Developed new and managed established accounts including: Flight Training, Health Care, and Local Mass Merchandiser projects. Creative experience ranged from writing copy for print material to filming local TV commercials.

Independent Books

Payton, M.A. Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom: Choosing Peace of Mind in a World of Diverse Ideas. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2002. Print.

Payton, M.A. “Soul”utions: Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Balance with Soul. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2004. Print.

Payton, M.A. Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on the Past, Present, and Future. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2005. Print.

Payton, M.A. Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on Families & Other Groups that Matter. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2006. Print.

Payton, M.A. Birth Mix Patterns and Loving Relationships using Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2007. Print.

Payton, M.A. Healing What’s Real: Expanding Your Personal Power with Mind Over Matter Techniques. Columbus, OH: The Left Side, 2008. Print.

Payton, M.A. More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom: Finding Peace While Raising Teens, Building Community, and Consciously Following-Through. Asheville, NC: The Left Side, 2011. Print.

Payton, M.A. Writing Sensorably: How Expressive and Natural Voice Advance Recording Thoughts. Asheville, NC: The Left Side, 2014. Print.

Payton, M.A. Positive Hypnosis: Re-associating with Solution-based Memories. Asheville, NC: The Left Side, 2017. Print.


Select Independent Articles

Payton, Michelle. “Solve Word Blunders, Create World Peace? Understanding How Others Receive Your Words.” Western North Carolina Woman Nov. 2009: 20. Print.

Payton, Michelle. “Forcing Change – A Mainstream Metaphysical Mom Finding Herself with Family in Tow.” Western North Carolina Woman Feb. 2010: 6-7. Print.

Payton, Michelle. “The Terrible Teens: From Lies to Growth and Enlightenment.” Western North Carolina Woman Jul. 2010: 28-29. Print.


Civic Activities

Volunteer/Committee Member, 2018 Western Regional NCADE Spring Conference (A-B Tech).
Founder, Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals™ Meet-up, Facebook and LinkedIn with 1,200 plus members (2010-current).
Co-Creator, Founder, Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair. Partnered with over 70 local professionals; attracted over 400 consumers; donated $5,200 of proceeds over three years to local non-profits (2011-2014).
Founder, Wholistic Professionals LinkedIn with 1,300 plus members (2008-current).
President, Coalition of Visionary Resources (Retail and Wholesale) Trade Association. Established and maintained profit and loss, and budgets.  Saved from bankruptcy (2004-2008).
Creator, Moderator, Neighborhood Watch. Work with Asheville Police, set up, educate and recruit neighbors (2013-current).
Volunteer, Asheville Humane Society (2013-2014).
Volunteer, Manna FoodBank (2009-2014). Meals-on-Wheels (2003-2009).
Board Member, Coalition of Visionary Resources Trade Association  (2003-2004).
Board Member, Powell (OH) Area Chamber of Commerce (1999-2001).

Workshops & Training

-Getting Started with Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Course Design (June 2022)
-Post-Graduate work at Advanced Kellogg Institute, National Association of Developmental Education Training (July-August 2019, 1-week residency, 32 classroom contact hours)
-Post-Graduate work at Kellogg Institute, National Association of Developmental Education Training (June 2018, 2-week residency, 32+ classroom contact hours)
-IRB — Human Subject Research — CITI certified (Nov 2013)
-Independent French Studies (2000-2001, 2010-current)
-French Immersions, Saumur, France (May-June 2012, June 2014)
-Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis (2009 completion)
-Acupressure-Hypnosis Certified (2008 completion)                                                                                                                                           
-Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Certified (2007 completion)
-Emotional Freedom Technique (2007 completion)
-Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified (2005 completion)
Media (Radio and TV) Training (2001 completion)
-Proficient in: Camtasia, Moodle, OneDrive, Zoom, Microsoft Office software–PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Excel, Access Database, Quickbooks, SoundForge, WordPress (including blogging, building and maintaining three professional websites), select Social Media.


Honors & Awards

-2018 Kellogg Institute Scholarship Recipient, National Association for Developmental Education, Appalachian State University.
-2018 NISOD Excellence Award (for academic organization promoting and celebrating excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership at community and technical colleges).
-Adjunct Instructor of the Year, 2016-2017, A-B Tech Community College.
-The Left Side art brands received top products awards (1999-2007) on twelve occasions, COVR Awards, International New Age Trade Show.
-M.A. Payton. Birth Mix Patterns awarded 2006 Finalist, Best General Interest/How To book, COVR Awards, International New Age Trade Show.
-M.A. Payton. Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom awarded 2003 Finalist, Best Self-Help/Biographical book, COVR Awards, International New Age Trade Show.
-1995 NEWSWEEK recognized Mentos for successful target marketing appeal.

Graduate Coursework

– Research Methods in English (Core Graduate Requirement)
– Contemporary Composition Theory (Rhetoric and Composition)
– Fundamentals of Teaching Composition (Rhetoric and Composition)
– History of Rhetoric (Rhetoric and Composition)
– Contemporary Rhetoric (Rhetoric and Composition)
– Writing for Electronic Environments (Technical and Professional Writing)
– Nonfiction Writing (Technical and Professional Writing)
– Breaking into Publishing (Technical and Professional Writing)
– Writing & Editing Internship (Technical and Professional Writing, Academic Publishing focus)
– Advanced Issues for Technical and Professional Writing (Technical and Professional Writing)
– Medieval Language and Literature (Literature)


Asheville-Buncombe County Technical College

– Adult and Continuing Education: German, Beginning I (2019)
– Adult and Continuing Education: Spanish, Beginning I (2019)
– Adult and Continuing Education: Spanish, Beginning II (2019)
– Adult and Continuing Education: Spanish, Beginning III (2020)
– Adult and Continuing Education: Spanish, Intermediate I (2021)
– Adult and Continuing Education: Spanish, Intermediate II (2021)